Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal Battle Aliens (and Each Other) in the Life Trailer

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If imagining a world without Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds causes you physical pain, then 1.) you're not alone, and 2.) you might not want to watch the trailer for Life. The two heartthrobs star alongside Ariyon Bakare, Olga Dihovichnaya, Rebecca Ferguson, and Hiroyuki Sanada in the sci-fi thriller, which tells the story of six astronauts on the International Space Station who discover the first living organism on Mars. Although the crew is quick to celebrate their groundbreaking discovery, the mood sours once the petri-dish-sized creature latches on to one of the scientists, presumably killing him. From there it's a fight for their lives against not only the alien, but each other. Watch it all go down on May 26, 2017.