Lily-Rose Depp Isn't the Only One Singing in "The Idol" — Those Were Really Suzanna Son's Vocals in Ep. 2

HBO's new series "The Idol" follows Lily-Rose Depp as Jocelyn, a pop star getting ready to stage her comeback. If that sounds too basic, don't worry. The series follows Jocelyn as she gets wrapped up in a cult run by Tedros Tedros, played by The Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye (and the series has had some offscreen controversies, too). Jocelyn's story has some real-life analogs, though the fictional pop star isn't based on any one specific singer. And as viewers get to hear Jocelyn's music for the first time, they might wonder if that's really Depp singing in the show. In fact, fans of the series may be curious about other cast members' onscreen vocals, as well.

Is Lily-Rose Depp Singing in "The Idol"?

Yes, Depp is providing Jocelyn's singing voice — and she was really nervous about it.

For her audition, Depp had to sing a cappella. She sang a minute of the song "Fever." "I thought, Here's where I don't get called back," she told W magazine in May. She told the outlet she "never thought" she'd get the part because she knew "there would be many lovely ladies who are more musical than me."

Depp told The New York Times in an interview published June 3, "I was so nervous about the musical aspect. It's not what I do and this character has been doing this her entire life." She was particularly terrified the first time she performed for The Weeknd, but, "Little by little, we got to know each other more and got comfortable with each other."

Depp told Elle in November 2022 that despite her reservations, singing and dancing wasn't the hardest part of the role. "It was more about understanding how alone you can feel, even when everybody's watching you," she explained.

Depp had some help from her family, too, when it came to understanding fame. Her mom, Vanessa Paradis, is a singer, model, and actor. Depp told Elle of her mom's influence, "It was really cool for me and my brother to see our mom being the ultimate comforting and loving person, but also having such a rich, full life of her own, watching her go onstage and sing for thousands of people, and just be so in her own zone and in touch with herself and her art."

"The Idol" actually isn't the first time Depp has sung on screen. In the 2016 film "Yoga Hosers," she and Harley Quinn Smith (daughter of the film's director, Kevin Smith) performed a cover of "Babe" by Styx.

Is Suzanna Son Singing in "The Idol"?

Suzanna Son's Chloe gets introduced to viewers in episode two of the first season. Chloe joins Tedros as he visits Jocelyn's house one night, and clearly is a free-spirit as she strips down to jump in Jocelyn's pool minutes after arriving. Later, she becomes a voyeur as Jocelyn and Tedros have a sexual encounter, watching wide-eyed from another room. The next morning, Chloe gets comfortable at Jocelyn's piano and sings a haunting song about loved ones. And that's really Son's voice. In fact, the song she performed in the episode — called "Family" — was released on The Weeknd's YouTube account on June 13.

It appears that Son has been singing for some time. She shared a video of herself singing a Regina Spektor song on Instagram back on May 1. She even posted a video earlier this year performing The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" (which the superstar commented on). Son doesn't have much onscreen experience prior to "The Idol," but the actor did appear in 2021 film "Red Rocket." For "Red Rocket," she performed a cover of *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye," which A24 released on YouTube.