Grey's Anatomy: This Is the Song From That Powerful Scene in "Silent All These Years"

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Thursday night's episode of Grey's Anatomy will be remembered for a lot of reasons: its powerful message, stand-out performances, and devastatingly realistic portrayal of the repercussions of sexual violence. Named after a Tori Amos song, "Silent All These Years," the March 28 episode addressed consent, domestic violence, and sexual assault in a way that strongly resonated with viewers. One scene in particular is especially impactful — after administrating a rape kit for their patient Abby, Jo Karev and Teddy Altman must bring her into the OR for her surgery, but her trauma makes it hard for her to feel safe. So they decide to give her an escort of all women to ensure she feels protected.

As always with Grey's, the most powerful moments are punctuated by music that perfectly complement the gravity of every situation, and this scene was no different. Freya Ridings's "Lost Without You" plays as Abby journeys to the OR with Grey Sloan Memorial's female identifying personnel lining the hallway, silently supporting her. The hauntingly somber notes get more powerful as Jo promises to stay by Abby's side as Teddy completes her operation, and later, as Teddy commends Jo for how she handled the entire situation, noting that it should be protocol.

Ridings's single is the perfect accompaniment for the compelling scene, which manages to be both sad and incredibly empowering at the same time. Listen to the song above and you'll understand exactly why it is the perfect choice for the episode.