We Can't Stop Looking at Mandy Moore in Old-Lady Makeup on This Is Us

Keeping up with a This Is Us is like riding a roller coaster; you never know when you'll be taking a sharp turn or falling in a sudden drop. This first major twist came at the end of episode one: we realized Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) are experiencing their storyline 30 years in the past, and they're the parents of the other three main characters. Now, as we navigate all the emotions we're feeling, another reveal has us shocked: Rebecca is still alive in the "present day" timeline, and she's no longer married to Jack. And . . . she's got a lot of old-lady makeup on her face. Ahead of the forthcoming episodes — which will hopefully give us some answers — we thought you'd like another look at Mandy Moore as an elderly woman. Enjoy.


Yep, there she is. The real question now is, where the hell is Jack?!