Mariah Carey Brings Back Iconic Alter Ego in Her Contribution to the "Wipe It Down" Challenge

Mariah Carey is always on time. And though the "Wipe It Down" challenge took over TikTok a year ago, the pop legend just breathed new life into it with her contribution that also celebrates the 12th anniversary of her unbothered anthem, "Obsessed," which came out June 16, 2009.

Set to the now-familiar tune of BMW Kenny's "Wipe It Down," Carey's take on the trend shows her wiping down a mirror in a face mask, hair rollers, and one of her many robes. With one wipe, Carey's usual ultraglam self appears, and then with another, we suddenly see the obsessed fan at the center of the "Obsessed" music video who definitely wasn't modeled after Eminem. Definitely not. Watch the cinematic masterpiece below.