Megan Thee Stallion and Maxo Kream's Music Video Is a Sexy Ode to Classic VH1 Reality Shows

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Maxo Kream teamed up with Megan Thee Stallion for his latest single, "She Live," and the two decided to recreate some classic VH1 reality shows for the culture. If you don't remember 2006's Flavor of Love, or the string of spinoffs it birthed — which includes the truly iconic I Love New York — then I'm going to have to demand you go straight to YouTube and live your best life watching all the clips possible.

Megan and Maxo use the classic formula from the aforementioned shows to find love in their music video, though they admittedly have very specific tastes. "I need a boss / I need a kingpin / I need designer pajamas to sleep in," Megan raps as she sits on a throne watching her contestants step up to show her what they've got. And honestly, who doesn't want designer PJs to sleep in? Watch the video above, and then check out Megan's other sexy video featuring an epic pool party and Nicki Minaj.