Miley Cyrus Belts Her Independence Anthem From Bed in Intimate "Jaded" Video

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Miley Cyrus's "Endless Summer Vacation" era is in full swing, and the latest development comes in the form of her "Jaded" music video. Released on May 16, the video features interspersed clips of Cyrus lounging in bed topless with her arms and hands folded across her chest, emerging from the pool in a series of revealing swimsuits, including a Versace cone bra bikini top and multi-cutout bodysuit, and soaking up the sun with the LA breeze combing through her hair.

Combined with the hazy camera focus, the backdrop sets a daydream-like scene. As the palm trees sway in the background, Cyrus puts on a sultry display, making eyes at the camera and even smiling as she belts out, "I'm sorry that you're jaded." Her blasé attitude gives the breakup song a new meaning, taking it from a melancholic song of regret to an anthem of inner peace in the wake of ending a failed relationship.

In the comments section, Cyrus's fans were quick to express their excitement over the new visual release. Many even used their keyboards in an attempt to manifest a list of "Endless Summer Vacation" tour dates. While no tour has been confirmed, we'll gladly play the "Jaded" music video on repeat until the time comes.

Cyrus kicked off her string of sultry "Endless Summer Vacation" visuals in January, starting with her "Flowers" music video. Two months later, she released a black-and-white music video for her single "River," which featured the singer dancing under strobe lights and moving against a mass of half-dressed backup dancers in the rain. In March, she also released the "Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions)" special on Disney+, which featured stirring performances of "The Climb", "Wonder Woman," and more.

Two days before dropping the "Jaded" music video, Cyrus posted photos from the video shoot on Instagram. "You're lonely now & I hate it," she wrote in the caption, quoting the song's chorus. In addition to painting an intimate picture of what to expect from the music video, the photos shared a close-up glimpse at some of Cyrus's many tattoos. A few of the tattoos include a black-and-white rose on her left arm, a naked person standing knee-deep in water on her ribcage, and her late dog Floyd alongside a speech bubble that reads, "With a little help from my fwends."

See Cyrus's full "Jaded" music video above.