Miley Cyrus's Music Video For "Mother's Daughter" Celebrates the Joy of Being Different

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Fresh off the back of her memorable Glastonbury performance, Miley Cyrus has dropped the music video for "Mother's Daughter," a fan-favorite track from her EP She is Coming, and it's a wild ride. Dressed in a red latex catsuit (well, she is a big Britney fan) complete with vagina dentata, Miley embraces the inner "freak" she sings about in the song's opening lyrics, as she celebrates female empowerment and the differences that make us unique, presenting plenty of powerful imagery along the way. She's joined by a number of guest stars throughout the video, including (of course) her mom, Tish Cyrus, and a whole host of powerful activists, LGBTQ+ campaigners, and marginalized voices. Watch for yourself now — this is one video you're going to want to repeat.