The Intense Imagery in Miley Cyrus's New Music Video Inspired Tons of Fan Theories

Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus's new song, "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart," is a "Jolene"-esque bop that we haven't been able to stop playing since its surprise drop on Thursday night. That being said, it's the music video for the track that really has people talking.

The trippy visuals feature everything from Cyrus leading the police in a slow car chase on the freeway to priests throwing money in a strip club. There are also tiny children practicing shooting at a gun range, an older pair of women making out in a hot tub, and people with "Miley For President" tattoos. In other words: it's a LOT to take in. Of course, once you do let some of the more shocking images marinate, it becomes clear that Cyrus is actually saying quite a bit about her career, politics, and the world in general.

While some themes are more obvious — like elementary school students shooting large guns or football players kneeling — others take a closer eye to become apparent (ex: the Hannah Montana Easter egg in the "Miley's Wild Ride" ticker on the news footage, her pose on cinder blocks at the end, etc.). Naturally fans have had plenty of thoughtful things to say about the music video on Twitter, which you can read through ahead after listening to Cyrus and Ronson's collaboration for yourself.

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Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson's "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" Video