Before Money Heist Returns, Here's a Recap of This Important Character's Death

Shocking deaths are almost expected at this point on thriller TV shows, but Money Heist might have managed to outdo most of them with its most recent death. Before the final batch of episodes arrive, let's recap how we lost one of the most important characters in the most recent cliffhanger. Spoilers ahead!

In the midseason finale of Part 5 (the fifth and final episode of Volume 1), Tokyo, Manila, and Denver are being pursued by Gandia and his soldiers. Tokyo is severely injured, and she and the others are trapped with only a dumbwaiter as a way out. Unable to physically make her escape, she instead makes the heartwrenching decision to sacrifice herself so that the rest of the group can leave with their lives.

As Gandia's army closes in, Tokyo takes several bullets for her team. Although it's her last stand, she still has one more trick up her sleeve. When Gandia finally gets close to where Tokyo is holding the line, she reveals her deadly little secret: she pulled the pins on the grenades she has on her chest. Just as Gandia's realization hits that he walked into a trap, the grenades go off, killing Tokyo, Gandia, and his soldiers.

Money Heist has always been an "anyone can die" kind of show, but eagle-eyed viewers — or at least those savvy about certain tropes — might have guessed that Tokyo was in danger throughout Part 5 Volume 1. The batch of episodes spends a lot of time with Tokyo, flashing back to her tragic backstory, and even showing another heist that led to her losing the love of her life.

Even though it was foreshadowed, Tokyo's death was still incredibly shocking. After all, she was the protagonist since the very beginning, and the person who provided the narration throughout the series until this point. If Money Heist is willing to kill Tokyo off, then it seems like no one is safe heading into the final five episodes, which arrive on Netflix on Dec. 3.