Netflix's Love, Guaranteed Has Me Wondering If Maybe I Should Sue to Find Love

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Have you ever felt like suing a dating site due to a lack of matches? Well, Netflix's Love, Guaranteed follows what happens when Nick (Damon Wayans Jr.) hires lawyer Susan (Rachael Leigh Cook) to do just that. It wouldn't be a true rom-com if the pair didn't get off on the wrong foot, with Susan a little wary at just how many dates he's gone on — 986 to be exact. However, things start to heat up between the two as the case becomes more complicated.

It's clear that this movie will probably be the good-natured cheese-fest we've come to expect from Netflix, complete with slightly wacky side characters and a corporate villain that may keep our lovers from getting together. Alongside Wayans Jr. and Cook, the cast also stars Heather Graham as Love Guaranteed's owner Tamara Taylor. Here's hoping the movie is worth Wayans Jr.'s mic drop when the film premieres on Sept. 3.