Only: Everything You Need to Know About the Haunting Thriller Trending on Netflix

The film Only, released in 2019 but new to Netflix, tells a crushing story of an epidemic that sweeps the world, targeting only women. One couple, Will (Leslie Odom Jr.) and Eva (Freida Pinto) go into quarantine while the world turns on itself as the women are picked off by the sickness. But in the end of this thrilling story, no one is safe.

How It All Began

The movie runs out of order so you don't get the full picture until the very end. It starts with Will and Eva's home getting raided while the authorities are searching for any women who are on the loose. As the armed men exit after not finding Eva (who was hidden), one of them hangs back and tells Will to enjoy his last few days with his infected loved one. He had spotted the swab test on the table that showed a positive result, meaning Eva had caught the virus. From here, the scenes jump around from present time — where Will and Eva are trying to escape — to the days leading up to that.

The Virus-Filled Ash

Out of nowhere, ash starts falling from the sky, coating everything, and this is what leads to the virus outbreak. Mysteriously, the virus is only killing women, which creates mayhem all over the world. Women start getting sick and dying, some men are trying to protect their loved ones, but other men are trying to collect the reward money offered for turning women in. Amid all the hysteria are Will and Eva.

The couple immediately goes into quarantine, with Will keeping Eva on a tight leash to keep her safe. He won't allow her to go outside or use the phone, something that eventually drives her crazy. On day 400, Eva finds out her mom has been taken away from her dad, and she completely loses it. She lashes out at Will for keeping her trapped, even if it is in her best interest.

The Reward For Women

People are offered a cash reward for turning in any women they find still free in the world. The government has been taking them all in to do experiments on them to gain knowledge on the virus, which is why they're paying for their capture. When Will and Eva are out getting food, a man and his son realize that Eva is a woman disguised as a man, and they follow the couple into the woods. They capture Will while Eva escapes, but she's eventually able to come back to rescue him.

Will and Eva are escaping deep into the woods so Eva can be in nature as she dies, because at this point, she's reached the end of the infection cycle.

Day 400

On day 400, after Eva finds out about her mom and lashes out at Will, she screams at him that she just wants to go outside and feel the sun. She puts on a Hazmat suit and runs up to the roof of their building and before Will can stop her, she rips off the suit, letting herself get infected by the ash. For her, living under quarantine watching millions of people get picked off by a mysterious virus just wasn't a life she wanted to live.

This is where the beginning of the movie slots in. Eva takes the test, finds out it's positive, and she and Will set out for the forest so she can die in nature rather than trapped in her home, and Will is seemingly left alone.