The Originals Spoilers: There's a Time Jump and Other Season 2 Surprises

After the shocking and tumultuous events of The Originals' first season finale, we've been wondering (make that dying to know) what's next. At this year's Comic-Con, the cast opened up in interviews and during the panel about all the burning questions you had about season two (like whether we'll see Rebekah and the baby again). Plus, we got lots of tidbits of info you weren't expecting, like a time jump and how the show's breakout character got saved from the chopping block. Find out everything you need to know here!

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  • There will be a time jump. Season two won't pick up immediately after the events in the season one finale. Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley) told us that season two will pick up about three months later, and Hayley, Elijah, and Klaus will be recovering from pretending that Klaus and Hayley's baby, Hope, had died. During the Comic-Con panel, Daniel Gillies, who plays Elijah, says that the three of them have been "holed up in this place for two or three months" and hinted that it will profoundly affect their states of mind. "Goodness knows what that had to have been like."
  • Rebekah and the baby will be in season two! The season two trailer was shown during the Comic-Con panel, and it prominently showed Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Klaus and Hayley's baby. They are alone and in hiding, of course, keeping Hope's existence a secret. Series creator Julie Plec said the footage from the trailer is from the first three episodes, so you won't have to wait long to see them.
  • The parents are the big villains of season two. If you remember in the season finale, the Mikaelson parents are back after Mikael is conjured back into a younger body by Davina and Esther. Mikael and Esther will be the season's big villains, and in the season two trailer, Klaus ominously tells Elijah that the only question is, "Which of our parents do we kill first?"
  • The Vampire Diaries crossovers are still on the table. Plec said crossovers have to make sense for the story and are also a logistical challenge for two busy shows in production, but, "We keep our fingers crossed." Of course, the couple people still want to know about is Klaus and Caroline. When a fan asked about the relationship, Plec said that Caroline's entry into the show has to be "an organic fit. . . . We have to wait for an organic opportunity to bring these two together." She did admit, "They do have unfinished business," but then she dampered our hopes by saying, "there is no place for Caroline in Klaus's community at the moment."
  • Another Mikaelson is coming. Mikael's and Esther's returns aren't the only upcoming family reunions. A Mikaelson brother will be resurrected, and Joseph Morgan (Klaus) told us, "we find out which one of the brothers came back."
  • Josh isn't going anywhere. The surprise breakout character of The Originals is Josh (Steven Krueger), so when he first showed up and people were responding well to him, Plec said she started plotting how to kill him off. However, the writers revolted and told her, 'If you kill Josh, you are the enemy of all things good.' To that point, when we interviewed Morgan, he joked that the levity in season two will come from Josh, "everybody's favorite character."
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