Pitch Perfect 2: Check Out All the Behind-the-Scenes Fun

The Pitch Perfect 2 cast has been busy shooting the musical sequel in Louisiana, and it's clear that this cast both loves each other and has fun on and off the set. This week, Anna Kendrick revealed that most of the cast was wrapping up and leaving her to film alone, sharing a snap of an epic pillow fight. The whole cast and director Elizabeth Banks have been posting tons of pictures of other behind-the-scenes hijinks throughout filming. See what the tight-knit crew has been up to, and get a look at all the new and returning characters! Source: Instagram user brittsnowhuh

The cast gathered to celebrate the beginning of filming. Source: Twitter user RebelWilson

Hailee Steinfeld posed for a picture after the news of her joining the cast became official. Source: Twitter user RebelWilson

Wilson showed off her vocal skills in the recording booth. Source: Twitter user RebelWilson

The cast and crew gathered for an adorable family picture. Source: Twitter user RebelWilson

Steinfeld posted a picture of her with her new singing sisters. Source: Instagram user haileesteinfeld

Steinfeld posted: "Serious Studio Selfie #pitchperfect2 #pp2." Source: Instagram user haileesteinfeld

Don't you wish you could have celebrated Cinco de Mayo with the cast of Pitch Perfect 2? Source: Instagram user hanamaelee

Skylar Astin returns! Costar Ben Platt shared this picture of their first day filming on the set. Source: Twitter user BenSPLATT

The Barden Bellas posed for a "class photo." Source: Twitter user RebelWilson

Here's more from that adorable session. Source: Instagram user hanamaelee

Star Alexis Knapp caught costar Astin in the background. Source: Instagram user alexisknapp

Anna Kendrick spotlighted her theme-party costume and a funny sign picking on her. Source: Instagram user annakendrick47

Treblemaker Platt and former Treblemaker Adam DeVine made silly faces on the set.

The Bellas posed for an impromptu shot. Source: Instagram user chrissiefit

Isn't it adorable how the Bella scarf is still coming into play? Source: Instagram user pitchperfectmovie

Yes! Banks showed us that John (John Michael Higgins) and Gail would be making another appearance. Source: Instagram user elizabethbanks

Wilson posted this pic, and we sincerely hope those are movie bandages. Source: Instagram user rebelwilson

The ladies had to take some cover on a rainy day. Source: Instagram user haileesteinfeld

The Bellas, in a funny-face moment. Source: Instagram user therealannacamp

DeVine joked, "At 5 am my pitch was far from perfect." Source: Instagram user andybovine

The director posed with her cute costars (and onscreen couple?) Astin and Kendrick. Source: Instagram user elizabethbanks

A few of the Barden Bellas showed off their fish faces. Source: Instagram user brittsnowhuh

Banks and Wilson had a warm day on set. Source: Instagram user pitchperfectmovie

Ester Dean was ready for her close-up. Source: Instagram user esterdean

The cast goofed around in a group picture. Source: Instagram user pitchperfectmovie

Brittany Snow, Chrissie Fit, and Shelley Regner had fun. Source: Instagram user pitchperfectmovie

Steinfeld and Fit showed off their "glam squad" moment. Source: Instagram user pitchperfectmovie

Banks posed with Hana Mae Lee and Katee Sackhoff. Source: Instagram user pitchperfectmovie

Platt held a baby on set. Source: Instagram user pitchperfectmovie

Kendrick and Snow posed on their last day together on the set. Source: Instagram user brittsnowhuh

They do their own stunts. Source: Instagram user brittsnowhuh