7 Sharp Women-Led Political Podcasts That Break Down the Headlines


We may be past Election Day, but our work is far from over. Between the overwhelming amount of notifications lighting up our phones and refreshing Twitter every 30 seconds, it can feel like an impossible task to keep up with our newsfeeds. These seven sharp podcasts hosted by women condense the headlines and help us make sense of our country and world.

The Brown Girls Guide to Politics

So often, news is made by and for white men, but founder A'shanti Gholar is challenging the podcast landscape with The Brown Girls Guide to Politics. Covering the issues that women of color need to know and care about, A'shanti speaks to activists, politicians, and influencers who are leading change in this country.

Pantsuit Politics

Hosted by Beth Silvers and Sarah Stewart Holland, Pantsuit Politics has one goal: grace-filled political debate. These best friends (and lawyers) don't always agree, but they always have thoughtful conversations about the issues pressing us today.


Have you ever been told you're "unladylike"? This podcast is for you. From tackling issues like "How Not to Be a Karen" to the importance of Planned Parenthood, the women journalists leading this conversation, Cristen and Caroline, keep it 100.

On One With Angela Rye

There's no better way to start your day than with On One With Angela Rye. She's funny, smart, and, most importantly, honest. Every week, she's covering politics, race, and pop culture, and her interviews are must-hear! So what are you waiting for?! Hit subscribe.

Latino USA

Latino USA is the longest-running Latinx podcast on US public media, and for good reason. The NPR radio show, hosted by Maria Hinojosa, speaks right to the hearts and minds of Latinx listeners, delivering important and meaningful reporting on the issues.

Pod Is a Woman

What happens when three former Obama-era White House staffers join forces? Pod Is a Woman, hosted by Darienne Page, Alejandra Campoverdi, and Johanna Maska, covers what's going on in DC from the perspective of those on the inside. This isn't a Shonda Rhimes show: it's reality.

Can He Do That?

Possibly the most frequently asked question of the last four years, Washington Post's Can He Do That? has Allison Michaels sorting out the answer in 25-minute episodes. Sure to be an essential listen in the coming weeks, this exploration of presidential powers could not be more relevant.