The Poltergeist Reboot Might Be Even More Terrifying Than the Original

Not scared enough by the first pictures from the Poltergeist reboot? The new trailer will fix that. One of several of 2015's upcoming horror movies, the 1985 classic has been reworked to give nightmares to a whole new generation. This version — which will be in 3D — stars Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt as parents of youngster Madison (Kennedi Clements), who disappears inside their newly purchased home. She's not just hiding under the bed, either. An evil spirit has taken ahold of the house, and it starts controlling things to scare the ever-loving crap out of its owners. Enter the medium, a role originated by Zelda Rubinstein and now played by Mad Men's Jared Harris. The trailer looks really fun (in a terrifying way), and the movie opens on July 31.

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Here's the original, as well.