A Who's Who Guide to Portlandia's Quirky Characters

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen's offbeat comedy series, Portlandia, is a veritable cult hit, and season six is in full swing. In case you've missed the first five seasons, take a look through our guide to Armisen and Brownstein's unique characters. The two leads play a lot of people, so these are just the recurring ones that will hopefully be popping up in the coming seasons as well. Watch clips of bohemian couple Peter and Nance and feminist bookstore owners Toni and Candace, or if you've already been introduced, let me know who your favorite pair is!

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Peter and Nance

Bohemian couple Peter and Nance love having company so much that they open up a bed and breakfast in their own home.

Love: doilies, gluten, artisan knots

Hate: mainstream gifts

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Nina and Lance

Nina (Armisen) is a high-maintenance gal, so it's lucky she finds Lance (Brownstein) to put up with her.

Love: extravagant birthdays, party buses

Hate: rude people

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Toni and Candace

Owners of feminist bookstore Women & Women First, Toni and Candace are very opinionated. They don't sell many books and end up losing most of their customers via subtle intimidation and general rudeness.

Love: feminism, filing books nonsensically

Hate: "The Man," people who want to use the bathroom without buying anything

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Kath and Dave

Kath and Dave are an outdoorsy couple, but unfortunately they don't know much about the outdoors. They've tried going for a hike, pitching a tent in the backyard, and going river rafting. Nothing really pans out.

Love: safety gear, travel

Hate: people who interfere with their safety

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Fred and Carrie

Fred and Carrie are relatively normal, except that they're best friends with the mayor of Portland (Kyle MacLachlan).

Love: sexy mixologists, Battlestar Galactica, and the Olympics (sometimes)

Hate: the Olympics (sometimes)

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Bryce and Lisa

Bryce and Lisa are artisan curators. Some of their ideas aren't so bad (pickling cucumbers), but they tend to get a little out of hand (pickling shoe heels).

Love: pickling items, Etsy

Hate: items without birds

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Spike and Iris

Spike and Iris are a nontraditional couple who are totally into not being traditional.

Love: flip books, parachutes, MTV VJs

Hate: flip-flops, weddings