I Waited For a Postcredits Scene After The Nun So You Don't Have To

Warning: I'm putting a spoiler note just in case, but frankly, didn't you know what you were clicking into?

The Nun has finally arrived, meaning we've successfully expanded The Conjuring's universe just a little bit more. While this addition to the horror canon isn't quite as based in fact as its predecessors allegedly are, it's still filled with delicious scares, gut-wrenching twists, and more. And given the fact that its predecessor Annabelle: Creation had two postcredit snippets, I settled in after the final scene to see what sort of teaser-y fun The Nun may hold. Reader, I'm sorry to inform you that there was not a single postcredits frame to be found.

That's right: this time around, director Corin Hardy has opted not to include a stinger at the end. That's OK, I guess, although I really would have appreciated a hint about what's next to come. Are we going to get The Conjuring 3? Are we getting another movie about The Nun, picking up where the end leaves off? Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait for news announcements the old-fashioned way. Like peasants! Get on the Marvel Cinematic Universe's level, The Conjuring universe.