Stick Around, Because There Are TWO Postcredits Scenes After Venom

Warning: spoilers for Venom below!

Venom may not be your run-of-the-mill superhero movie in a lot of ways. After all, our hero is a monstrous alien creature that bites the heads off of innocent bystanders and screams in your head like a schizophrenic voice from another realm. Thankfully, though, it does have one thing in common with the bulk of entries these days: a postcredits scene! In fact, the film doesn't just have one clip to keep you in your seat after the final shot; there are two delicious snacks to look forward to. If you missed the scene or you're just morbidly curious, we're breaking it all down for you right here, right now.

OK, so the first scene is actually more of a midcredits scene. At the very end of the film, while talking to Anne (Michelle Williams), Eddie (Tom Hardy) reveals that he's thinking of getting back into investigative journalism and that he's landed the interview of a lifetime. In the midcredits scene, Eddie rolls up to the San Quentin State Prison, just north of San Francisco. It turns out he's booked for a little chat with a man by the name of Cletus Kasady, played by Woody Harrelson! Cletus is in solitary confinement, in some kind of cell that's not unlike Hannibal Lecter's near the end of Silence of the Lambs or Harley Quinn's in Suicide Squad. Cletus grins and welcomes Eddie, who asks why he wanted to talk in the first place.

At the very end of the credits, we get a glimpse of Spider-Man! Except . . . it's not the Spider-Man played by Tom Holland in the Marvel Comics Universe. It's actually an extended look at Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which is set to hit theaters this Christmas. In the scene, young Miles (dressed in a makeshift Spider-Man costume) visits the grave of Peter Parker. When a mysterious man approaches, Miles accidentally knocks him out, then realizes he's also wearing Spider-Man paraphernalia under his street clothes. Suddenly, he's accidentally tethered to this mysterious man with his ultrasticky web, right as the cops show up. Thinking quickly, Miles slings his web, catching a passing subway train. Cue an epic chase through the streets of New York, with the cops hot on his (and the unconscious body's) trail.

That's about it! Both scenes are pretty cool in terms of payoff, so I'd say it's worth waiting until the end. After all, that midcredits scene is almost certainly setting us up for a sequel. We haven't seen the last of this symbiote.