Pretty Little Liars: The OMG Moments From "Bite Your Tongue"

You know what the most refreshing part of Pretty Little Liars is? I hate to say it, but it's when our girls are actually in grave danger. It raises the stakes. It reminds us that A can be vicious, even ruthless, if necessary. It also reminds us that, contrary to popular belief, the girls are not invincible. In this week's episode, Emily winds up dangling out of second story window at school, while Hanna finds herself under the knife and at A's mercy. Poor Hanna. She always gets the worst of it.

This week also features a new — and totally bizarre — romantic pairing, the emergence of drug and anger issues, and the ever-growing fear that Ezra was never a good person to begin with. Find out everything that had us gasping below.

  • Mike and Mona are an item. This is SO out of left field, but then again, didn't Mike and Hanna hook up, too? I guess we can assume one of two things from this odd pairing: either Mona's up to something, or Mike really gets around.
  • Ezra is getting more and more suspicious. OK, I might be reading into things too much, but when Ezra tells Aria that "People get what they deserve . . . eventually," SO many alarm bells were going off. It only gets worse when we see Ezra sending a text with the words, "There's been a setback re: Alison," and then calling Mona into his office for a private conversation. This is almost too much to process all at once.
  • Spencer sets her sights on Ezra. Finally! I'm so glad at least someone thinks Ezra's being a little fishy. Spencer dissects one of Ali's diary entries, which entails a date with a mystery man at Hart and the Huntsman, a bar by Hollis college. Ali remarks how her date ordered boysenberry pie and beer. Of course, Spencer runs into Ezra when she goes to survey the area, and guess what he ordered? Boysenberry pie, and a brand of beer called "Board Shorts Ale." I'm kind of freaking out a little.
  • Hanna gets an unscheduled surgery. While Spencer's on her mission, Hanna does a little detective work of her own at the dentist, trying to figure out who switched Ali's dental records. Always one step ahead, A gasses her and performs a little surgery; the girls later find a tiny note wedged in Hanna's tooth that says: "I told you: dead girls can't smile, stop looking. — A." It's a weird way to pass a note, I'll admit.
  • Pretty much everyone is unraveling. In other affairs this week, Aria's dealing with anger issues in light of Mike's new romance, Emily almost stabs her dad (who apparently has a heart condition now) with a pair of scissors, and Spencer might be developing a pill addiction. Not to mention the fact that A terrorizes Emily during her night shift at the school.These girls are going to have so many issues when this is all over.
  • The ending actually gives us some leads for once. You know those little end sequences that show A performing miscellaneous mischief? Well, tonight, a few things stuck out. Right before A shredded the patient log from the dentist, we couldn't help but notice the name C. Cavanaugh. Could it be someone related to Toby? Also, Tippi the parrot is alive and well! And finally, A has a map of Cape May with Wilden's yacht marked on it. We have a feeling this will be important later.

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Source: ABC Family