We Found Out a LOT on Pretty Little Liars This Week

Everyone's pretty much in crisis mode on Pretty Little Liars. Hanna's basically kissing everyone who smiles at her, Aria is having multiple meltdowns, Spencer needs rehab, and Emily's not so great at keeping secrets. It's only a few weeks until the finale, and so much seems to be on the verge of boiling over.

With so many things going on and the end of the season looming, we're getting new information left and right. Let's go over the madness of this week and what we think it means.

  • Ezra's book is ready for publication. That's right, Ezra's already done, and he's not just going to throw away everything he's worked for. You know what this means though, right? If Ezra finished the book, he must know the ending. And didn't that letter Aria reads mention the ending? Does that mean he already has everything figured out? Does Ezra know who "A" is?
  • Spencer was on drugs when Ali disappeared. Didn't anyone else think it was superfishy that Spencer blacked out the night Ali went missing? This reeks of suspicion, especially since Spencer was unaccounted for when the other girls woke up. But if she was as crazy as she is this week, she might have done irreparable damage.
  • One of the girls might be "A" (for real). In one crucial moment of the episode, Aria reveals that Ezra suspects one of the four girls is "A." We talked about it before, when we went through all the "A" theories, but which one could it be?
  • Ezra still might be "A." Hey, Aria says it herself. Ezra is a liar, and she's not going to believe anything he tells her. Including that part about how Ezra says he's not "A." Also, think about it. Maybe Ezra did it, wrote a book about it, and now he's going to pin it on someone else. Lies beget lies, people.
  • Did Spencer hurt Ali? Spencer has a pretty interesting flashback when she's rooting through Ezra's research: it's the night Ali disappears, Spencer and Ali are fighting, and Spencer threatens her with a shovel. It looks pretty suspicious, but if there's one lesson we learn time and time again, it's things are not always as they first appear. There must be more to the story. Like when Emily has a similar vision during a hypnosis session. Jury's still out on that one, by the way.
  • Ali's secret is about to come out. Just as the episode ends, we see Paige slipping a note into a police cruiser. It says Ali is alive and they'd better start looking for her, which means the police could lead "A" right to her.

Source: ABC Family