Pretty Little Liars: Refresh With This Season's Craziest Moments

The Winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars is tonight, and we're still reeling from the events in October's crazy Halloween episode. We've been tricked time and time again, so sometimes it's hard to know what's real and what's just circumstance. Either way, we're heading into the second half of the fourth season, and there have been plenty of shocking events bringing us to this moment. We're reliving all the OMG moments from season four so far, so check them out below!

Alison Is Alive

While Ezra's role in the show might be up in the air, we can confidently say that Alison is alive. Mrs. Grunwald tells the girls she pulled Ali out of the ground on the night of her disappearance, and she vanished shortly thereafter. "Haven't you all felt it?" she asks. "She was never really gone." And let's not forget the shocking end of the Halloween episode, where Ali meets the girls face to face and leaves them with a puzzling clue.

Ezra Is (Maybe) A?!

Although the Summer finale and the Halloween episode both seem to seriously implicate Ezra as a member of the A team, we're still a little bit in a state of disbelief. Here's what we know: Ezra was in dark clothes in Ravenswood, he sneaks around the Halloween festivities in town, he knows where A's lair is, and he's pissed once he's inside. We also know that Ali is terrified of him. Furthermore, when Mrs. Grunwald refers vaguely to a 'he' when she speaks to the girls, saying "He's hoping you'll lead him to Alison! He's here." We can't know for sure, but if he really is A, the show's creators will have a lot of explaining to do.

CeCe Is Red Coat

In the Summer finale, CeCe is finally officially confirmed as Red Coat when she tries to saw Emily in half. We knew she might be Red Coat in previous episodes, but this is the first time we see her actually wearing it, just before her scuffle with Aria and subsequent escape. The real twist is that there are two Red Coats, and we're not sure about the identity of the other one. All evidence suggests it might actually be Alison.

A Car Smashes Into Emily's Living Room

In possibly one of the most unexpected and shocking moments of the season, a car literally drives through Emily's living room wall. We're just glad she wasn't in there catching up on homework.

Mona Finds Herself in Radley Sanitarium Once Again

When we find out Hanna wants to falsely confess to killing Wilden, we're floored. She thinks a jury will go easier on her compared to her mother. She never gets the chance to confess, though; Mona beats her to the punch. We definitely gasped out loud at this one. We're not surprised, though, that Mona's already out by the Summer finale.

Ashley Marin Is Incarcerated

On one of the more serious notes this season, Ashley Marin becomes a prime suspect in the murder of Detective Wilden. We eventually find out she's innocent, but not before A piles up enough evidence to put her behind bars and in an orange jumpsuit. She thankfully is exonerated and put on house arrest, and the police finally drop her murder charges in the Summer finale.

Shana Becomes a Serious Threat

Shana started out as just an innocent Halloween store clerk, but now she's so much more. We've seen her loving up on Jenna, creeping Emily in the locker room (of the school she doesn't even attend), and even hanging out in Ravenswood. Whatever Shana's up to, it can't be good.

Aria's Mom Gets Attacked by Bees

And the award for most random A attack goes to the bee ambush! We get why Aria's mom might be a target, but there are simpler ways to put her out of commission than loading her car with bees. Just putting it out there.

Emily Develops a Pill Addiction

After injuring her shoulder, Emily begins a downward spiral. She suddenly develops a pill addiction that causes her to lose her bid for a swim scholarship, then she considers volunteer work in Nicaragua. Girl needs to get it together.

Aria Finds Wilden's Porn Collection

We have to give props to the little moments on the show that slip in adult references. As if Wilden wasn't creepy enough, Aria discovers his copy of Lord of the G-Strings along with the rest of his adult film collection; needless to say, she and has a lot of trouble withholding her judgment.

Jenna Winds Up Face Down in a Lake

Jenna comes back for a whopping one episode, and all the girls try to get her alone and get a few answers. Unfortunately, A gets to her first, and the girls find her unconscious and floating in a nearby lake. She's alive but barely.

Melissa Gets All Cryptic and Weird

Melissa pops in for a couple episodes before jetting off to London, leaving us thoroughly puzzled. She first says to Spencer, "I've been protecting you since it started . . . since before it started!" Then, when Spencer tries to get her to reveal what she knows, she tells Spencer to leave it alone, or "it will come apart in ways you cannot even imagine." Yikes.

Spencer Lies to the Girls For Toby

Toby finds out from A that his mother's suicide may have been staged. As A gives him more and more clues about her death, he begs Spencer not to tell the girls, for fear that A may cut him off. This puts Spencer in an incredibly difficult position, and the situation explodes in her face when the girls find out.

Aria Gets a Hot New Boyfriend

Jake is everything. Beautiful, caring, sweet, and very uncomplicated. It's hard to let go of Ezra, but Jake's making it a whole lot easier. What's worse, Ezra finds out Malcolm isn't really his son, which is the sole reason he and Aria broke up. Does that mean Aria is going to have to choose between the two?

Emily Moves Into Ali's Old Room

While living in the house of your dead best friend sounds creepy and not fun, it definitely gives us some of the most intense moments of the season. A masked Red Coat follows Hanna around the house when she shows up alone, Emily finds A's hideout in the basement, and Aria almost gets her eyes stabbed through the drilled holes in the floor.

Source: ABC Family