Queen Latifah Basically Slayed the Whole Ocean With Her "Poor Unfortunate Souls" Performance

Here's some news that probably won't surprise you in the least: Queen Latifah's performance of "Poor Unfortunate Souls" absolutely slaps. The legendary actress and singer hit the stage on Tuesday night during ABC's The Little Mermaid Live! dressed in a shiny black leather dress and matching purple tentacles and belted out a particularly spirited rendition of the villainous anthem from the 1989 Disney film that would no doubt make the original Ursula proud. Watch her showstopping moment above, and then keep scrolling to see what audiences thought of her vocals. (Spoiler alert: pretty much everyone is shaking.)

Reactions to Queen Latifah's "Poor Unfortunate Souls" performance:

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Watch Queen Latifah's "Poor Unfortunate Souls" performance again, because why not?