Raquel Leviss Is Seemingly Done Making Excuses For Scandoval Affair: "Now I Know Better"

Raquel Leviss has faced no shortage of criticism since her months-long affair with her "Vanderpump Rules" castmate Tom Sandoval was unearthed ahead of the explosive season 10 reunion. The affair was scandalous enough, considering Sandoval had been in a nearly decade-long relationship with fellow castmate Ariana Madix and Leviss was Madix's friend (hence the drama being dubbed "Scandoval" on social media). But now, Leviss is under fire again for her Aug. 16 interview on Bethenny Frankel's podcast "Just B" about the affair.

While Leviss initially took responsibility for her part in Scandoval in the interview, also acknowledging the hurt she caused Madix, she later offered up several excuses downplaying her behavior by suggesting Bravo gave her a bad edit. The "Vanderpump Rules" star insisted she and Madix were not as close as the show portrayed them to be and implied that Madix and Sandoval's relationship was only for the cameras when Frankel asked her how real it was.

"I know I would not be involved in this affair secrecy type of situation if I thought that there was longevity in this relationship between Tom and Ariana," Leviss said. "The people closest to them could see that their relationship hasn't been what they portray on camera, and Tom always told me they're a brand. They're an image."

Leviss's interview didn't sit well with many "Vanderpump Rules" fans who feel her apologies always come sandwiched in excuses. In a reaction posted on Instagram, Jared of "Bravo Tea With Jared B" vocalized many Madix supporters' feelings. "To me, this is a weird thing to admit," he said in a clip shared on Aug. 18. "Because she's saying she knew this wasn't a real relationship or relationship that had legs, so that's why she decided to participate in this affair . . . Whether real or not, formally, they were in a relationship despite the circumstances. If you wanted to be with Tom Sandoval so bad, you should have let him know that this tryst, this situation that was going on between you and him, goes no further until you know officially that they have broken up."

Leviss seemingly got wind of the backlash, as she appeared in Jared's comments section to offer up another apology on Aug. 26, this time without excuses. "💯 you're not wrong! I should have had more self respect than that and should have respected the relationship that Ariana had with Tom," she wrote. "No excuses… however, looking back, I see I had low self-worth and Tom kept telling me he was actively breaking up with her 'amicably' for her 'mental health,' which I can now see was magical thinking. He had a million and one reasons why they hadn't broken up yet and it was easier to stay in that fantasy then to face the fact that the social anxiety and isolation was not worth it."

Leviss concluded her comment by acknowledging that, ultimately, she should have never participated in the affair. "So yes, absolutely you're 100% right. It was MY responsibility to remove myself from that situation… now I know better ♥️," she wrote.

It'll be up to viewers to decide if Leviss has actually turned over a new leaf by accepting full responsibility for her actions. Whatever the case may be, you probably won't see Leviss addressing Scandoval herself on "Vanderpump Rules" season 11, as she reportedly will not return to the show.