Beyoncé Gave the Coachella Performance of Our Dreams, So of Course the Hive Is Buzzing

This is Beyoncé's world, galaxy, universe . . . we're just living in it. The 36-year-old singer proved once again, with her incredible Coachella performance, that her talents are truly unmatched. Break out fan-favorite classics and her popular recent hits? She did that. Invite JAY-Z, Solange, and Destiny's Child on stage? She did that too. Deliver every song and move with power and poignancy? Of course she did. We asked for an icon, and Bey delivered, giving a historic performance as the first black woman to headline Coachella.

Naturally, fans can't stop buzzing about her electrifying energy, the jaw-dropping outfits, or the powerful message behind Bey's set. Even celebrities are losing their cool, because when a queen steps in, everyone bows down. Keep reading to see some of our favorite reactions to Bey's performance and then feel free to watch it again. We can all find a couple hours to spare for Beyoncé, after all.