Could We Have Even Handled Clueless Starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington?

Clueless is already a perfect movie as is, but what if Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington had been in it? In a recent video interview with BuzzFeed, the Little Fires Everywhere costars revealed they had both once auditioned for the zeitgeist-defining film, proving they were perhaps destined to work together in some capacity.

"You know what, one thing that is public and it came out last year: I auditioned so hard for Clueless, and I didn't get it. I auditioned so hard for it," Witherspoon said, before Washington chimed in, "I did too! I did."

In a 2015 oral history interview with Vanity Fair, Clueless director Amy Heckerling confirmed she had considered Witherspoon — along with Tiffani Thiessen, Keri Russell, and Alicia Witt — for the role of Cher, but Alicia Silverstone was always her first pick. Heckerling told the magazine about Witherspoon, "I saw some movie where she had a southern accent. Maybe it was on TV, a movie of the week. But I did see some scenes of hers and went: Wow. She's amazing. But Alicia is Cher."

Though it didn't work out for them, Witherspoon and Washington aren't opposed to revisiting Clueless in the future. "We should do like a remake," Washington joked. Witherspoon added, "We should recreate a scene from Clueless. That would be so fun." We would like to see it!