My Ribs Hurt From Laughing Over Maya Rudolph as Beyoncé in SNL's Hot Ones Skit

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The Hot Ones series on YouTube brings in plenty of celebrity guests, but there's always been one A-lister who seems out of reach: Beyoncé. We're one step closer to knowing what an interview (powered by hot chicken wings) would be like with Queen Bey thanks to a recent Saturday Night Live skit.

Decked out in a near-perfect replica of Beyoncé's leather Grammys outfit, SNL host Maya Rudolph brought back her iconic impression for March 27's show. She approaches the Hot Ones challenge with gusto — a little too much, it turns out. No amount of water, or even the dreaded room temperature milk, could put the heat at bay. This skit is a great reminder of why we'll probably never see the real-life Beyoncé face "hot questions and even hotter wings," but at least we'll always have Rudolph. Watch the full sketch above.