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Watch SNL's "Zoom Call" Sketch Video

Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon Are Clueless About Videoconference Calls in Relatable SNL Skit

With many people social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, companies are depending on Zoom to have conference calls. So it should come as no surprise that Saturday Night Live's all-remote episode on April 11 featured a skit about the popular way of hosting meetings. In the sketch, a group of employees join in on a videoconference and gripe about self-isolation ("Does anyone else fully hate their kids?" Chris Redd's character jokes). But for two elderly receptionists, Henriette (Aidy Bryant) and Nan (Kate McKinnon), the real issue is figuring out how to use Zoom.

Things get off to a rocky start with the duo speaking too close to the camera, and in a matter of minutes, they spiral out of control. While Henriette brings her computer to the bathroom, not knowing her coworkers can see her, Nan somehow gets stuck with her sweater over her head. Eventually, it all becomes too much for them and they break down in tears. "We ruined the Zoom," Nan cries. Watch the video above, then maybe check out a few tutorials on how to use different video-chat services. You know, just in case.

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