Schitt's Creek: Alexis Rose's Audition Routine Is Turning Into a Social Media Dance Challenge

Are you ready? Let's do it. People are beginning to pick up hobbies: for some that's learning to sew and others are starting new books. For Schitt's Creek fans, this might mean learning the "A Little Bit Alexis" dance from season five. Clips of people re-creating the routine have started popping up on TikTok and Instagram, and they're just as fun as you'd expect.

Alexis Rose's routine made its debut on the Pop TV show last season, when she auditioned for Cabaret in front of her mom, Moira, and Jocelyn Schitt. Yes, it is from her limited-series reality TV show, so feel free to sing along if you know the words. But really, what makes the song even sweeter is that Annie Murphy, who plays Alexis, wrote the track herself. Ahead, catch up on a few of our favorite re-creations of Alexis's routine — this is turning into social media's newest dance challenge.