Selena Gomez Teases the Inspiration For Her New Album: "Huge Moments Happened in My Life"

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Can you believe it's been two whole years since Selena Gomez released her singles "Fetish" and "Bad Liar"? And four years since her album Revival — which includes hits like "Hands to Myself" and "Same Old Love" — came out? Well, at long last, it seems the Selena Gomez Music Drought has ended. A few days after the 26-year-old singer and actress told Entertainment Tonight that her new album is "finally done," she sat down with Jimmy Fallon to discuss the inspiration for her fresh batch of songs.

"I'm actually done [with the album]. I'm just relieved, 'cause it took me four years now to even feel at a good place with this album because I had such huge moments that happened in my life personally," she explained of her recent hiatus from the music industry. "How was I gonna capture that? How was I gonna actually feel good about what I was saying? I kept going, and I'm relieved now."

She added that the album will have a "sense of strong pop" as far as genre is concerned, but she's also exploring more soulful elements that she has yet to tap into as an artist. Even though it's felt like an eternity since we got news of what her new album would consist of or when it would be released, she's actually been teasing it since February when she posted an Instagram video of herself in the studio. She also recently collaborated with J Balvin on the song "I Can't Get Enough" and with friend Julia Michaels on "Anxiety."

While we await an official date on when Gomez's next album is dropping, you can always head to the movie theater on June 14 to catch her battling zombies in her star-studded film directed by Jim Jarmusch, The Dead Don't Die.