Just a Steamy Selection of Ariana Grande's Sexiest Music Videos of All Time

Excuse us, Ariana Grande, we have a few questions for you — mainly, how are you getting hotter and hotter? The stunning singer recently dropped her fun duet with Lady Gaga, so needless to say, she's on top of her game. In the meantime, she's been serving up some supremely sexy selfies as she chills at home. But that's nothing new for the artist; over the years, she has released some of the sultriest music videos of all time. Between the romantic, feminist imagery in "God Is a Woman" and the rebellious love story in "Into You," there's plenty to swoon over. Prepare yourself for a lot of pouty lips, ponytails, and animal ears.

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"No Tears Left to Cry"

That revolving hallway must have been seriously difficult to traverse, but Grande makes it look effortless (even in those incredible Stuart Weitzman platforms).

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"One Last Time"

OK, so Earth is about to be destroyed by a meteor in this video, which isn't terribly sexy, but a quiet reminiscence of a last love certainly is.

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Grande's striking red lipstick and patent-leather corset make this track (off her Sweetener album) a shoo-in for the list. Plus, the fog machine is working overtime. We love a good fog machine.

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"Thank U, Next"

This funny AND sexy homage to 2000s teen flicks is the perfect visual to go along with Grande's "thank u, next."

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"Into You"

Most Ariana Grande videos make us feel pretty thirsty, but when this video takes it to the desert (and puts Grande on the back of a motorbike with a hottie), the thirst is unreal.

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"The Light Is Coming"

You'd think a romp through a dark wood would be a little creepy, but Grande definitely brings the light in this sexy collab with Nicki Minaj (and also made us invest in a pair of Reeboks after watching).

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"Don’t Call Me Angel"

This collab with Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey for the Charlie's Angels movie is packed with sex appeal. If you're into Ariana Grande as a beautiful angel, complete with white wings, you're in for a treat here.

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"Dangerous Woman"

Goodbye, trademark pony! Between the lingerie, the leather, the '90s-esque tattoo choker, and those bunny ears, this video marks the definite transition from teenybopper to sex goddess.

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"God Is a Woman"

Grande is, quite literally, the center of the universe in this undeniably sexy 2018 video.

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Between the modular '60s-era vibe and those fire dance moves, this collaboration with Iggy Azalea will always be an Ariana Grande classic.

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"Love Me Harder"

Those slinky dance moves, those cat ears, that tiny dress — Grande is feeling herself in this collaboration with The Weeknd, and we definitely are too.

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The sexual tension in this collaboration with Social House is palpable. Though Ariana is seeking revenge for most of the video, there's a hot makeup session at the end. (Plus, who doesn't want to see Ariana Grande shoot laser-beam hearts out of her bra?)

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"Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored"

Honestly, Grande is just singing what we're all thinking when we meet a cutie who already has a significant other. Although, the video does have a twist at the end that has fans debating its true meaning.

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"Break Free"

Channeling some serious Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century vibes, this video made us believe that if we were ever abducted by aliens, we'd be OK with it if they all looked like this.

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"Side to Side"

You'll probably never forget the moment you learned what this song actually meant, and we'll never forget the sight of Grande on a Spin bike with those spiky heels.

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We never thought that futuristic jumpsuits and neon wigs were our thing, but apparently we thought wrong (and the incredible choreography in this video certainly doesn't hurt).

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"7 Rings"

What could be sexier than Grande dripping in diamonds and living her best life?

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"Rain on Me"

"Rain on Me" is double the sexy as she teams up with Lady Gaga for this fun, dance-filled video.