Calling All Sexy Beasts: Get Ready For Season 2 to Drop Later This Year

It feels like there are a million dating shows to watch these days, but only one includes a high likelihood of seeing a witch make out with a rooster. The can't-look-away (but maybe want-to-look-away) Netflix reality series Sexy Beasts has officially been renewed for a second season, per Variety. The streamable love-child of the Masked Singer and Love Is Blind takes "don't judge a book by its cover" to a whole new level as suitors are disguised as animals and mythical creatures with the help from one of the most talented makeup and prosthetic artists in Hollywood, Kristyan Mallett.

The six-episode first season follows a group of singles ready to find love solely based on their connection to someone's personality, not their physical appearance. Each episode opens with a new lead, who embarks on a series of three blind dates, and then two more elaborate dates, while masked as different characters ranging from pandas to beavers to scarecrows. After getting to know their potential matches, the lead chooses who they'd like to name their Sexy Beast aka one true love, and what follows is an exciting and always surprising unmasking of the contestants.

One could say Netflix took a gamble by giving Sexy Beasts the green light for a second season ahead of season one's premiere date. However, season one is proving to be just as spellbinding as the streamer predicted, which isn't a major surprise considering there's no other TV show quite like it. Though an exact release date has not been announced, season two is scheduled to premiere later this year. It will follow the same format as its predecessor with six 30-minute episodes centered around six disguised individuals looking for love based on a deeper connection than just looks. Comedian Rob Delaney is expected to reprise his role as the show's narrator, so you can look forward to more of the hilarious commentary you've come to expect.

As we head into the later months of 2021, our fingers are crossed that the season two trailer will drop sooner rather than later. The only question is, what bonkers-looking beasts can we expect from season two? Stay tuned!