Take a Seat, Because These Are Beyoncé's Sexiest Music Videos of All Time

Queen Beyoncé has been killing the music video game (as a solo artist) since 2003, when the iconic visuals for "Crazy in Love" came out and we all collectively exclaimed "hot daaamn!" As her music develops through the years, Beyoncé continues to own, flaunt, and be proud of her sexuality (as she should!) and works every inch of her killer body in everything she does. Obviously, someone as crazy talented as her is going to create an endless list of amazing videos ("Single Ladies" is a classic), but we're calling these 10 videos her sexiest so far. Pour yourself a cool glass of lemonade, because it's about to get too hot in here.

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In the No. 10 spot, the video for "Haunted" might be a little creepy at times, but this is Beyoncé, so even scary brings serious sexiness — which should be an indication of how hot the rest of this list is going to get.

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Beyoncé's sexy outfits, glow-in-the-dark makeup, and bootylicious dance moves land "Blow" in this countdown.

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"Dance For You"

Inspired by classic film noir movies, the sexy private dance the detective in "Dance For You" gets would have convinced us to give Beyoncé whatever it is she's looking for.

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"Beautiful Liar" feat. Shakira

Beyoncé doesn't need any help to be sexy, but "Beautiful Liar," featuring Shakira, makes for an impossibly sexy video we've watched way too many times.

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"Baby Boy" feat. Sean Paul

We actually dare you to find a second in the "Baby Boy" video that isn't damn hot. No, really, try.

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"Deja Vu" feat. Jay-Z

How could a video that starts with a close-up of Beyoncé's naked back not make it onto this list?

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Be right back . . . meditating over the fact that Beyoncé in a red one-piece is pure fire.

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"Upgrade You" feat. Jay-Z

If there was any question about Beyoncé's sexiness, 2006's "Upgrade You" silenced them.

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We don't even really have words to explain the level of sexy that the music video for "Partition" brings to the table. No words.

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Our top spot is taken by "Rocket." This video is just one steamy (and quite beautiful) dream sequence.