Let Her Blow Your Mind: The 10 Sexiest Eve Videos of All Time

When Eve burst onto the rap scene in the '90s, it didn't take long for everyone to wonder, "Who's that girl?" With her inimitable style (paw tattoos, bleach, leather) and silky voice, Eve took the world by storm with her own unique brand of talent and sex appeal. Her music videos were sexy long before the internet was flooded by viral GIFs of Nicki Minaj.

Female rappers of today owe much gratitude to the Ruff Ryder princess, who showed the world that she could hold her own against the men. Plus, her collaborations with Gwen Stefani, Trina, and Alicia Keys are the stuff of legend. After all, who run the world? Girls. In honor of the '90s rap femme fatale, here are Eve's 10 sexiest music videos of all time.

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The hoops, the eye shadow . . . the whole look is sexy '90s perfection.

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"She Bad Bad"

Proving once again that bad girls have more fun.

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"Eve" feat. Miss Kitty

The beauty look here is goals, regardless of the decade.

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"My Chick Bad Remix" by Ludacris feat. Diamond, Trina, and Eve

Another girl-on-girl (and leather-on-leather) combination with Trina adding to the hotness factor.

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"Gangsta Lovin'" feat. Alicia Keys

From Gwen Stefani to Alicia Keys, Eve crushes collaborations with fellow female powerhouses.

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"Give It to You" feat. Sean Paul

Here she is outshining Sean Paul in a 2008 video. Can you believe this is a decade old already?

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"What Ya Want" by Ruff Ryders feat. Eve and Nokio

The first lady of the Ruff Ryders is at her best in one of the hottest rap videos from the '90s.

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"Who's That Girl?"

A perfect video for when you're feelin' your damn self.

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"Let Me Blow Ya Mind" feat. Gwen Stefani

One of sexiest music videos by a female artist ever. Gwen and Eve together defined '90s hotness.