Holla Back to Gwen Stefani's 10 Sexiest Videos of All Time

It's no secret that Gwen Stefani, goddess of ska and creator of some of the best bangers of all time, is more than "just a girl." Obviously, she's gorgeous — those lips, that signature platinum hair, those abs — but she's also a phenomenal lyricist and a killer former coach on The Voice, and she was the frontwoman for one of the greatest bands of the '90s: No Doubt. Sexy is an understatement for Gwen, and just like her kooky, kickass persona, her music videos deliver some serious sex appeal. All hail Gwen!

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"Hey Baby"

Though Stefani's "just sippin' on chamomile / watching boys and girls and their sex appeal," she manages to slither and gyrate throughout this No Doubt jammer.

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"Hollaback Girl"

Please don't mess with Stefani or her crew because she will beat you in a superhot high school dance-off.

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"Don't Speak"

Heartbreak can be sexy. Stefani belts out her feelings and delivers some gut-wrenching lyrics in this iconic music video.

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"What You Waiting For?"

It's kooky, it's clever, and we're reminded once again of the never-ending relevancy of Ms. Stefani's rock-solid abdomen.

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We can't decide if it's sexier that she blasts out her heart to her ex-boyfriend and bandmate Tony right in front of him or that she manages to look like such a pink ska goddess while doing it.

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"Underneath It All"

At one point in this well-known video, Stefani spanks herself while insisting her lover "needs some discipline." We rest our case.

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"4 in the Morning"

Bedsheets, bedroom eyes, and a whole lotta belting from queen Stefani.

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This video flew under the radar, but allow us to enlighten you. It's a titillatingly sexy slow jam featuring Slim Thug and a mysterious Parisian man whispering sweet nothings that's worth a revisit.

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"Hella Good"

If putting this video on the list because of Stefani's heavy panting is wrong, we don't want to be right.

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Plot twist, but this video is hawt! It's wet, it's wild, and Stefani takes it to the next level by asserting that she "still loves to wash in your old bathwater" in this No Doubt megahit.