5 Sexy Justin Bieber Music Videos That Will Have You Singing, "Baby, Baby, Baby Oh"

It's easy to see why people (myself included) are so enamored with Justin Bieber. I mean, he has those puppy dog eyes that can instantly melt anyone into a puddle and this sexy swagger that just gets people all hot and bothered. On top of that, he has a voice unlike any other and the dance moves to match. And as happy as I am for Bieber that he's engaged to Hailey Baldwin, it also breaks my heart that he's officially taken. Luckily, we'll always have his sexy music videos to drool over. See them ahead.

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"What Do You Mean?"

With so many sexy bedroom scenes, you'll definitely need a fan before watching this one.

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"All That Matters"

Not only are there some pretty steamy makeout sessions in this video, but Bieber also whips off his shirt at one point and flashes his tattoos (cue heart eyes).

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Bieber is pretty much begging to be your boyfriend in this one — what more do you want?

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"Confident" feat. Chance the Rapper

Honestly, we could watch Bieber and Chance dance all day.

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This video starts off with a shirtless Bieber — need we say more?