Grab a Towel — These Sexy Maluma Videos Will Make You Break Into an Instant Sweat

For those of you who are just now discovering Maluma (seriously, where have you been?), there's only one thing you need to know about him: he's drop-dead sexy! The 26-year-old singer hails from Medellín, Colombia, and if you happened to watch his steamy music video with Madonna, there's more where that came from. Not only can he sing and dance, but I'm actually surprised my ovaries haven't exploded from watching his videos — yep, they're THAT sexy! On top of that, Maluma scored his first Grammy nomination for best latin pop album for 11:11 in 2020. Keep reading to see what I mean.

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"Así Así" Feat. Farina

The chemistry between Farina and Maluma in this video is undeniable. Not to mention, their dance scene together is incredibly sexy.

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"Mala Mía"

Aside from the fact that this video begins with Maluma lying in bed with a bunch of women in lingerie, there's something so sexy about the singer just living his life and not giving a f*ck. Oh, and did you peep those dance moves?

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"El Préstamo"

This video begins with a shirtless Maluma in a hotel room — need I say more?

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"Felices Los 4"

I'm not one for sharing, but Maluma does one hell of a good job of convincing me in this video. Fun fact: he actually met his girlfriend, Natalia Barulich, on this set.

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"Cuatro Babys" Feat. Trap Capos, Noriel, Bryant Myers, and Juhn

Even though Maluma is singing about having four girlfriends, his muscles and that signature smize are all I can focus on.

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"Hola Señorita (Maria)" Feat. Gims

BRB, on my way to Morocco!

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"El Perdedor"

It's sexy when a man fights for your love, but it's even sexier when that guy is Maluma.

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From the upbeat song to that steamy bedroom scene, everything about this video just screams "HOT!"

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I'm swooning over those sexy dance moves!

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"Medellín" Feat. Madonna

I'd let Maluma take me to Medellín any day after watching this wild music video.