Silk Sonic's "Smokin' Out the Window" Is Out of Pocket, but It Still Sounds Romantic?

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Silk Sonic's new song "Smokin' Out the Window" is so cold, but leave it to Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak to make it sound like a love song. The duo released the song on Nov. 5 with an accompanying music video that fuses the group's '70s aesthetic with the moves of boy bands of the '90s (think: Boyz II Men). "Smokin' Out the Window" at its core is a song about finding out that your lover is sleeping with multiple people, causing you to stress smoke. "Oh, I thought that girl belonged to only me / But I was wrong because she belong to everybody," Mars croons in the chorus. Once things heat up, .Paak exclaims, "Look here, baby, I hope you find whatever it is that you need / But I also hope that your trifling ass is walking around barefoot in these streets!"

"Smokin' Out the Window" dropped just a week before the R&B duo's highly anticipated album An Evening With Silk Sonic debuts on Nov. 12. Prior to Silk Sonic's announcement in October, the group originally told Rolling Stone that their album wouldn't drop until January 2022, citing that they didn't want the project "to be binge-watched." I'm just happy we're getting an album at all, because Silk Sonic was only formed as a side project during early quarantine days. "I'm not sure we would have done it if it wasn't for the pandemic," .Paak admitted in the interview. Essentially, us fans forced Silk Sonic to actually be a thing. Oh, the power.