We Can't Stop Rooting For Player 067 in Squid Game: Here's Why You Should Too

Right now, it seems like everyone is completely enraptured by the Korean drama Squid Game on Netflix, which is currently on track to become one of the streaming platform's most-watched shows in any language. The drama, which focuses on a competition that gives debt-ridden competitors a chance to pay off their debts at a deadly price, has completely taken over the internet since its release in mid-September. One of the most beloved characters from Squid Game is Player 067, played by model and actress HoYeon Jung. But who exactly is the fan-favorite player, and what will her fate be in Squid Game? Here's what we know. And be warned, there are some major spoilers ahead.

Player 067, aka Kang Sae-byeok, is a fiery young woman who narrowly escaped North Korea with her younger brother. When we're first introduced to Player 067, she's referred to as "the pickpocket" after she steals protagonist Seong Gi-hun, aka Player 465's horserace winnings before they both entered the games. Once the players enter the arena, we see Player 067's confrontation with the violent gang leader Player 101, aka Jang Deok-su, which leads to a fight between the two in the arena. Player 067's tenacity to survive before she even enters the competition both makes her a target and a threat once she's arrived in the games.

As the games progress, Player 067 forms an uneasy alliance with Player 465 and his team while they work together to try to survive each of the games. She ends up bonding with another woman on their team, Ji-yeong, aka Player 240, over a game of marbles. Player 067 then reveals her need for the winnings to take her younger brother out of foster care and help her mother get out of North Korea so they can be reunited as a family. After further bonding with Player 240, Player 067 is forced to watch as she's killed.

In the fifth game, where contestants have to hop across a bridge of glass panels without landing on the incorrect panel and plummeting to their death, Player 067 is one of the three finalists left in the game, along with Player 465 and his childhood friend Cho Sang-woo, aka Player 218. But the post-game explosion that sends glass flying everywhere ends up critically injuring Player 067 with a large glass shard lodging in her abdomen. She begs Player 465 to promise to take care of her loved ones if she doesn't survive, then she passes out from the blood loss. While Player 465 begs the guard for medical attention, Player 218 takes the opportunity to stab Player 067, securing his place as finalist in the games. Player 067's body is then carried out of the arena in a coffin before being cremated.

Despite the audience watching Player 067's lifeless body be carried out of the arena and cremated, there have been several fan theories that she might actually be alive that have circulated around social media. Though fans might be desperate for more time with Player 067, it doesn't seem like we will get full confirmation about the fan theories until Netflix announces the second season. Until then, we'll keep our fingers crossed.