8 Things You May Have Missed in Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Trailer

This week, we got our first official look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Not only have we been blessed with a haunting new poster and a handful of exciting pictures, but we also got a two-minute trailer. Where do we even begin? There's a shot of Princess Leia! There's an ominous voice speaking to Rey. There are explosions, lightsabers, and battles, and even Luke Skywalker himself seems to think that "it's time for the Jedi to end." Suffice it to say, there's a lot for us to unpack. Let's roll up our sleeves and dive right in.

1. It's Possible Luke Has Found the Original Temple of the Jedi

We already know Luke goes into exile after his attempt to raise a new generation of Jedi ends in disaster. Han Solo's the one who says that the people who knew him best think he went looking for the first Jedi temple. Why would he do that? In such a time of crisis, it might be just the comfort he needs to cling to while his wounds heal. There's also a chance he's looking for answers. If he can find the original founding lore and prophecies of the first Jedi, maybe he can figure out what has to happen next.

Why do we think Luke has found the original Jedi temple? It's that brief shot of what looks like an ancient book. The page in question seems to show a map, with some sort of star or emblem in the center. It's not much to go off of, but it seems like he's using some kind of new guiding principle during this time with Rey.


2. Luke May Have Lost His Way, and Lost His Faith

As we mentioned above, Luke takes it really hard when his nephew, Ben Solo, turns to the dark side. He fails as a Jedi Master, and he fails his apprentice. In The Force Awakens, Ben Solo, aka Kylo Ren, commits the ultimate betrayal: he kills his father. This may take Luke to new lows. Perhaps he's lost all belief in the good, and there's even a small chance that he himself might be tempted by the seductive nature of the Sith.

3. Maybe Luke Doesn't Mean the Jedi Should Be Extinct

In the trailer, Luke says, "It's time for the Jedi to end." If you believe he's truly fallen from grace, you might think he wants the Jedi gone for good. But what if he's not broken? What if he doesn't mean it in the way we think he does? Maybe this journey to the Jedi temple showed Luke where he lost his way. Maybe he learned some crucial new piece of information about the Force, one that could breed a new kind of Jedi. Maybe he means it's time for this iteration of the Jedi to end, so a new kind of Jedi can be born.


4. We Could See the Birth of the "Gray Jedi"

"Light. Darkness. A balance." This is what Rey whispers in the opening shots of the teaser trailer, and they could have a huge significance. If Luke wants to breed a new kind of Jedi, it could be a kind known as the Gray Jedi in the Star Wars universe. Gray Jedi don't hurl themselves into the light, but they don't really dig deep into the dark side either. Gray Jedi strike a perfect balance between both sides of the Force. "It's so much bigger," a voice says. This could mean they've figured out the true secret to mastering the Force. By remaining neutral between the dark and the light, one might wield the ultimate power over those who pick a side.

The thing is, Rey is the perfect candidate for a Gray Jedi. After all, she seems very intent on pressing herself into the good side, but we've seen glimpses of evil in her as well. Based on the way she uses the Force in The Force Awakens — I mean, she almost straight-up murders Kylo Ren — she could succumb to her darkness. Then there's the fact that she might be a Palpatine as well. Think of this, though: if Rey could harness the powers of the dark side and combine it with Luke's Jedi training, it's possible she should strike this "bigger" balance.


5. Kylo Ren Is Crazier and More Sinister Than Ever

The shot of Kylo Ren's broken helmet may be a bit on the nose, but it could be a metaphor for the fact that he's hit his breaking point. When we glimpse him later in the trailer, lightsaber and all, there's an undeniable madness in his eyes. Kylo Ren is not broken by the loss of his father and his defeat at the hands of Rey; it's almost like the events ignite his rage even further. Things are going to get pretty volatile this time around.

6. Rey's Powers Have Grown Exponentially Since Meeting Luke

One thing's for sure: Rey is buzzing with power. We already saw the crazy amount of Force sensitivity she displays in The Force Awakens. With Luke's help, she could shape that raw talent into great power. And, from the looks of the trailer, she's done a lot of work. We can see how proficient she's become with a lightsaber. Plus, it's almost like the Force is vibrating off her. Even when she's merely gripping the ground, small rocks are reacting to her influence.


7. Rey Could Be Getting Guidance From More Than Just Luke

Call me crazy, but that voice in the beginning of the trailer doesn't totally sound like Luke. I mean, sure, they were similar, but it sounds way more gravelly, deep, and foreboding. Is it possible Rey is getting the guidance of a Force ghost? Is there a chance she's experiencing some form of communication with Anakin, or even Obi Wan? Absolutely. There's also a slight possibility that Supreme Leader Snoke himself is able to reach her and influence her. Whoever the owner of that voice is, we're sure it could play heavily into one of The Last Jedi's big twists.

8. The Home Base of the Resistance May Be Decimated

There's a good chance the First Order locates and attacks the Resistance. After all, we see a shot of Poe Dameron barely dodging an explosion in a hangar, and in another shot, R2-D2 and some unidentifiable character look on as a building burns to the ground. We could see a seriously blow to the Resistance, but that would only pave the way for their inevitable rise from the ashes and ultimate triumph in Episode IX.