This TikTok-Viral "Stranger Things" Halloween Display Includes a Levitating Max

"Stranger Things" has offered Halloween inspiration since its premiere in 2016. Now, one Chicago-area couple is using a season four storyline to elevate their lawn display for the eerie holiday. "[I]t's looking strange here," Aubrey and Dave, the couple behind the account @horrorprops, wrote in a caption for a post teasing their elaborate setup, which has since gone viral on TikTok.

The couple's outdoor decor has many makings of the Upside Down, including various color-changing spires, a throne for the villain Vecna, and a replica of the show's foreboding grandfather clock. Most impressive, however, is a striking re-creation of the scene where Max is possessed by Vecna, resulting in her levitating as "Running Up That Hill" plays in the background.

The secret to the optical illusion hasn't been shared yet, but it's been theorized that fishing line was involved. In a comment, Aubrey and Dave said they would be sharing the full tutorial once the lawn display is completely set up sometime in early October. As of Sept. 29, the initial TikTok revealing the Max display has over 14 million views. Comments poured in from various big accounts, including Netflix, which wrote, "#001 fan for sure."

See videos of Aubrey and Dave's growing display ahead, and stay tuned for the couple's big reveal detailing how they achieved the Max illusion.

See the "Stranger Things" Halloween Display Going Viral on TikTok