A Refresher on Stranger Things' First Monster: The Demogorgon

Ever since the show took audiences by storm, there are some things that are now just unmistakably Stranger Things — flickering Christmas lights, Eggos, nosebleeds, and let's not forget creepy flower monsters with no faces! That's the Demogorgon, of course, which terrorizes the residents of Hawkins throughout season one. But though it might be instantly visually recognizable, everything else about it may be fuzzy to some. Here's what we know about the Upside Down monster.


The Demogorgon is actually not officially named the Demogorgon at all. The boys give the monster that nickname based on a Dungeons & Dragons character. Remember their introductory scene in which they're utterly engrossed in a D&D campaign? They're facing off against a Demogorgon while playing. Later, in "Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat," Eleven uses the Demogorgon game piece as the monster when describing the Upside Down, and the name just sticks.


In D&D lore, Demogorgon is a demon lord "with a reptilian body, tentacled limbs, and a pair of baboon heads." The Upside Down version is menacingly tall, walks on two legs, and has arms and hands instead of tentacles. And in place of twin heads, it possesses its own terrifying trademark — a faceless head that opens up to reveal a mouth lined with a mass of razor-sharp teeth. The result is floral in shape and would be kind of pretty if not for the teeth also adorning its "petals." Like most of what we see in the Upside Down, the Demogorgon looks superslimy and gross.


Eleven opens an interdimensional gate at Hawkins Lab after interacting with the Demogorgon, then it escapes and often shows off the ability to travel between the Upside Down and Hawkins. This is usually done via portals it creates, like the gooey hole in the tree that Nancy crawls into in "Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat." It also has a strong attraction to blood, much like a shark. For example, Barb accidentally cuts her hand right before disappearing, and Nancy and Jonathan purposely cut theirs to lure the Demogorgon into their trap in "Chapter Eight: The Upside Down." And, like Eleven, it may have telekinetic powers, since it seemingly unlocked the Byers' door with its mind in that episode as well.

What's Next?

While its abilities are quite straightforward, some things aren't as clear. We often see it around strange eggs — is it feeding on those? Incubating them? Did it put that creepy tendril into Will? Is it the final form of season two's similar demodogs or something else entirely? Is it even actually dead?! Maybe we'll get some definitive answers in season three!