The Internet, Anything but Calm, Accuses Taylor Swift of Ripping Off Beyoncé's Music Video

ICYMI: Taylor Swift recently released her star-studded music video for "You Need to Calm Down," and despite the song title's simple request, the internet, of course, was nowhere near calm. But that excitement has been pretty short-lived for a few Twitter users who are now accusing Swift of copying Beyoncé's music video for "Party."

The "You Need to Calm Down" video is somewhat of a colorful homage to the LGBTQ+ community, and it's filled with hidden Easter eggs and a bunch of celebrity cameos. Since its release, a handful of fans have taken to social media with side-by-side photos implying that Swift ripped off a lot of the imagery seen in Queen Bey's 2011 video, specifically scenes during a pool party and at a trailer park. We're willing to bet that it's just a coincidence, but you can watch both videos ahead to judge for yourself.

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Taylor Swift, "You Need to Calm Down"

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Beyoncé, "Party" feat. J. Cole

Tweets Comparing Both Videos