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Ted Lasso's Best Quotes and GIFs

16 Times Ted Lasso Was the Relentlessly Optimistic Hero We Needed in 2020

Ted Lasso's Best Quotes and GIFs
Image Source: Everett Collection

What Ted Lasso, the titular character of the Apple TV+ show about a fictional Premier League team, lacks in soccer knowledge, he makes up for with relentless optimism. Jason Sudeikis, the show's cocreator and star, brings plenty of dimension and charm to this wholesome character. Ted is genuine, confident, and comfortable in his own skin. He wants to help everyone become the best versions of themselves, and he certainly leads by example. He approaches life with an earnest and upbeat attitude, but is grounded enough to never come off as annoying or cringey. In short: he's a downright delight. So, to celebrate the man who spends his time lifting others up, please enjoy these GIFs that highlight some of his most heartwarming moments from season 1. Be warned: they might just inspire you to wear your heart on your sleeve and approach life with a kind and positive attitude.

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