I Feel Personally Betrayed by Pete Davidson's Portrayal of the Grinch on Saturday Night Live

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Try as it might, 2020 cannot convince me the Grinch is sexy. Neither Matthew Morrison nor Pete Davidson can bring me to the dark side, despite the latter's recent skit on Saturday Night Live. In a sketch with host Kristen Wiig on Dec. 19, Davidson went full green as the Grinch got caught in an adult sleepover with a couple of Whoville parents.

Davidson's portrayal feels uncomfortably inspired by Morrison's recent stint in How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical. What would Dr. Seuss say? At least with Davidson, we can laugh while we cringe. Watch the full skit above to see the awkward hilarity unfold, and make sure you check another standout holiday sketch from Wiig's hosting gig.