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The Voice: Watch Ian Flanigan Sing "Make You Feel My Love"

Ian Flanigan's Performance on The Voice Made Blake Shelton Feel Some Type of Way

Not only did The Voice contestant Ian Flanigan make us feel the love with his latest performance, but he also almost caused Blake Shelton to break all the rules. During Monday's episode, Flanigan gave it his all for the live top 17 performances, and he blew us away in the process with his rendition of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love." The gravelly notes of his voice coupled with the strumming of his guitar had us feeling like we were part of an intimate down-home concert and almost brought us to tears.

As soon as he was done, all four of The Voice's judges were on their feet, with Shelton asking, "How close can I get? Six feet? Six feet." After going back to his seat, Shelton launched into high praise for Flanigan, saying, "America, this show is called The Voice. When in your life have you ever heard a voice like that?" You can watch Flanigan's full performance above.

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