Everything You Need to Know About the Thomas Gibson and Criminal Minds Drama

Fans of the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds collectively freaked out when Thomas Gibson was released from the show due to a physical altercation. Many fans demanded that CBS bring Agent Hotchner back, and even started a petition for Gibson's return to the cast. Others threatened to boycott the series altogether, and a rare few agreed that Gibson's bad behavior was addressed appropriately by the network. Since then, multiple reports surrounding the Criminal Minds drama have surfaced, leaving fans still in limbo about what happened on the set and what the future may hold for the TV show. While no additional details surrounding future episodes have emerged, here's everything we know so far about what really went down.

  1. Thomas Gibson was suspended for two weeks prior to being fired. TMZ reports that Gibson began to clash with writer and producer Virgil Williams. Apparently, creative differences led to a heated altercation that ended with Thomas kicking Williams in the leg. He was suspended for two weeks following the incident before network executives finally decided to cut him from the cast.
  2. Gibson may have acted in self-defense. Some reports claim that Gibson's use of physical force was actually a result of self-defense. In this iteration, Williams (a trained boxer) became aggressive towards Gibson, who simply protected himself during the brawl.
  3. This isn't his first on-set rumble. In 2010, Gibson was allegedly ordered to complete an anger management program after shoving Criminal Minds assistant director Ian Woolf during a verbal disagreement.
  4. Gibson has also had a previous run-in with the law. In 2013, he arrested on suspicion of DUI. He later pleaded no-contest to his arrest.
  5. He hired a lawyer. Gibson reportedly hired legal pair Louis "Skip" Miller and Alexander Frid following his dismissal from the series. US Weekly reports that the actor is possibly pursuing legal action against the show's executives.
  6. Former costar Shemar Moore may have spoken out. Shortly after the news of Gibson's firing, Moore posted a cryptic video to Instagram that fans believe was in response to the transpiring events. In the video (which has since been deleted) Moore says, "Lots of birdies chirping out there. The gossip is real . . . I'll just say this: I believe in karma." Fans automatically began to speculate that Moore's video was about Gibson. No other cast members have made a statement.
  7. Gibson released a statement about his role. Following the news, he released a statement to TMZ reading: "I love Criminal Minds and have put my heart and soul into it for the last 12 years. I had hoped to see it through to the end, but that won't be possible now. I would just like to say thank you to the writers, producers, actors, our amazing crew, and most importantly, the best fans that a show could ever hope to have." He also told People that he regrets how the dispute was handled.
  8. Moore offers support for his costar. Despite his now-deleted Instagram video, Moore gave Gibson a shout-out when a paparazzo asked him about the drama on Tuesday and denied the video was about his costar. "I wish Thomas nothing but the best," he said on his way to the gym. "They spun that [video] all wrong. It could've been [about] the guy from the lawsuit. But mostly it's about life."
  9. Rumors of Gibson's replacement(s) surface. According to TV Line, the show is looking for not one, but two characters to make up for the loss of Hotchner. Both will sign on as series regulars, with one taking over for Hotch as the team's leader.
  10. The future of Criminal Minds is still up in the air. Though there are plenty vague details surrounding Gibson's dismissal, one final question remains: what will happen to the show's storyline and to the leading character? There is still plenty of speculation regarding how Agent Hotchner will be written off; however, ABC Studios and CBS revealed that creative details on Hotchner's exit will be addressed later on in season 12 of the show.