Someone Call Beyoncé, 'Cause This Singer Deserves a Record Deal After His "Halo" Cover

Better dial up Beyoncé, because there's a TikTok singer who deserves her undivided attention. Ja'Darius Flagg, a college student from Mississippi, is getting lots of love on the app for his recent "Halo" cover, and once you hear it you'll understand why.

Flagg was just enjoying a night with friends on his college campus when he decided to cover Queen Bey's hit track. His supportive group was obviously impressed, and cheered him on while recording the moment. Jump to June 18, when Flagg's friend Aleasha (@tracee.ellis.sauce) decided to share the clip with the world: it gained 3.5 million likes and over 9 million views in just a few days, and continues to grow in popularity. Someone give this man a record deal — his voice is a gift.