True Story Trailer: James Franco and Jonah Hill Get Deadly Serious

Though they've both solidified themselves as dramatic actors, we've never really seen James Franco and Jonah Hill keep a straight face in the same movie, despite their many credits together. That's all changing with True Story, a true story about a true story. Hill plays Michael Finkel, a New York Times journalist who is fired for fabricating parts of a story. Following his dismissal, Michael finds out a murderer named Christian Longo (Franco) has been using his name as an alias. Michael visits him, and Christian agrees to tell the journalist his side of how his whole family ended up dead — but then the danger begins. Felicity Jones also stars as Michael's girlfriend, who, at one point in the trailer, gets a really creepy call from Christian. The thriller is set for an April 10 release, and you can watch the trailer below.

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