Jeremy Renner — Yes, *That* Jeremy Renner — Released a Song, and Everyone's Confused

Jeremy Renner just released a single, and hold up . . . let's pump the brakes, back up, and allow that bonkers sentence to fully sink in for a moment, shall we? Jeremy — y'know, the guy who plays Hawkeye in Avengers: Endgame and Jerry Pierce in Tag — is a musician, apparently. The 48-year-old actor willingly thrust himself into the musical spotlight this week when he dropped his own version of Sam Feldt's "Heaven Don't Have a Name," much to the surprise of Marvel fans and, well, the entire world.

Jeremy mysteriously teased the musical project on Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday by sharing a 21-second clip of him singing in what appears to be a home studio adorned with colorful disco-ball lights, for whatever reason. The cover quietly made its grand debut on Friday when it hit Spotify in all its Imagine Dragons-like glory.

After doing a mini deep dive on Jeremy, I learned that this isn't his first foray into the world of music. He casually sang a Crash Test Dummies cover during the ending credits of Tag. According to his official website, he recently recorded an entire album that he hopes to release "soon." And he's actually also featured on Sam's original "Heaven (Don't Have a Name)" track. Why he just randomly decided to release his own out-of-the-blue cover of the song that he's already featured on, I don't know. But alas, here we are.

Fans have had pretty mixed reactions to Jeremy's latest musical release. Some have already dubbed it a "bop" that "actually slaps," while others are utterly confused by the entire situation. Ahead, listen to Hawkeye's — er, Jeremy's — new song, and keep reading to see what the internet is saying about it.

Watch the Teaser Video Jeremy Released Wednesday

Listen to the Full Track on Spotify

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Here's a Refresher on the Song's Original Version

Fans Were Admittedly Pretty Confused When They Saw the Teaser

Yet Others Still Weren't Sold on Jeremy's Foray Into the Music World